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I've a big problem
which probably is unsolvable. As you know I'm absolutely no fan of democracy and even less of parties. Now it's not a secret, I live in Germany. Well so far so bad. But in Germany there is not political influence if not in two ways: You must be...
If I could give you but one suggestion
on how to escape the greedy hands of states. It would be: Don't buy any bonds of states. This is what you can decide, an no state can force you to do it. If you think the bonds of states are safe. You really do not have lived and read anything the...
What can you do to end the misery?
Well you may ask (I asked more than once ;-) what you can do to end the misery. If you ask which misery, this entry is not for your. It's for those you think we should do as much harm to the current system of vermin. Can we really do something against...