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Plan of Work, Jan - Mar 2010

There are two papers that I'm working on:

1. A Call for Victim-Offender Mediation Casebooks. This paper, which I am co-authoring with Greg Rome and Daniel Coleman, looks at the current and historical methods used to solve the general problem of arbitrating terms -- usually monetary damages -- to offenders. Our solution in the modern context is the establishment of Victim-Offender Mediation Casebooks that can be drawn upon as a guide for the arbitrator.

2. The Search Power: Ethics, Theory, History, and Empirical Findings. This paper, which I am co-authoring with Dick Clark, provides a survey of the search power along a number of dimensions. One of its conclusions is that the search power is indispensable in the enforcement of malum prohibitum crimes, but not nearly as important in malum in se crimes.

These will be completed between Jan and Mar of 2010. If they are accepted for presentation, then both of these papers will be presented at the Austrian Scholars Conference in March 2010.

In February of 2010, I will attend the ACJS Annual Conference. I am a member of ACJS, and will be attending under my Molinari Institute affiliation. Goal of the visit is broadly networking. Specific hopes are to find: Texas CJ professor(s) with long-term interest in studying the launch and operation of SPR, which will assist me in setting metrics and as a general critical sounding board; and victim-offender mediators or mediation program directors that might be interested to establish a project to create victim-offender mediation casebooks.

Posted Tue, Dec 29 2009 6:29 PM by gilguillory