So here I am, standing in the wake of election night. Since the primaries passed I found myself an injured veteran of the Ron Paul Revolution. So election day for me was neither trauma nor glory, but a sad feeling as I watched the conclusion of what seemed to be a car crash happening before me in slow motion.

I see the cheering faces of the crowds screaming 'we did it!' and only can envy them. Never in my life have I seen a candidate I could believe in make it all the way. But what, I have to ask, does this man, have that makes these people believe?

Solemnly I may never know. And very soon, when the honeymoon is over, the 'Obama People' will start becoming ordinary people again, capable of critisizing government.

I am also however filled with a sense of both relief and determination. The election is over. We are past that now, and able once again to start discussing real issues, not who some candidate hung out with in college. This is a time for the freedom movement that half went back to sleep when it knew not where to go should rise back up, a force like it was in the election. We have plenty of avenues to explore, plenty of places to go. My suggestions are paultry ones at best, but I'll give them anyways.

  • Listen to Free Talk Live. Join the AMP program and try to get them on a radio station near you. Pass out fliers and get others interested in the show.
  • Get yourself involved with DownsizeDC. It's a clean and simple electronic lobbying system that you can use to make these bastards in government hear your voice.
  • Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty, duh.
  • Join the Mises Institute. Educate yourself and help them educate others.

You'll notice that neither the Libertarian Party or the Republican Liberty Caucus are included in my suggestions. We're out of the Electoral Politics season and back into a time of changing minds one person at a time.


# re: Aftermath

Friday, November 7, 2008 6:00 PM by Eric Hoover

Too True My friend. I have the same feelings as you. Hit me up if you can later.