Furious Citizens

Kimberley Strassel writes in the Wall St. Journal that citizens are more than a bit peeved with their government. "The state of the union is angry. Citizens are furious about gas prices and health-care costs, broken schools and property taxes. These are the leaky hydrants, the constant reminders that government hasn't done much for them lately. Their fury has bubbled as they've watched Washington obsess over itself – dealing out earmarks, paying off constituencies, launching probes into political enemies." These "furious" citizens are also quite stupid. It is government policies that cause, or help cause, high gas prices, high health-care costs, broken schools, and high property taxes, among other things. Yet the citizenry continue to expect the government to "fix" these problems. They continue to get all riled up during an election and vote for their favorite bozo, or the lesser-of-the-two-evils bozo. Either way, a bozo heads to Washington to screw things up even more. Citizens get furious again, and the cycle repeats. Will they ever learn?