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02 November 2009
Summa Anthropica Moving Update
Again due to technical reasons, the new home of Summa Anthropica is... I've finished copying all of my posts to there. However, many of the links in the articles still point here. Read More...
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26 October 2009
Summa Anthropica is Moving
Due to technical reasons, the new home of Summa Anthropica is... Most old posts are still to be found here only, until I get everything transferred. Read More...
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12 October 2009
Lilburne on Facebook
Lilburne II Create Your Badge If you're a libertarian, feel free to friend me! Read More...
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01 September 2009
The 19th-Century Bernanke: Featured on
My article The 19th-Century Bernanke (originally posted here ) is featured today on the Ludwig von Mises Institute web site. Here are the links for... the article comments MP3 audio file (read by Floy Lilley) I hope you will enjoy reading or listening to it. Here's an excerpt Like Ben Bernanke today... Read More...
14 August 2009
Ben Bernanke Was Wrong: YouTube Mashup
Somebody did a cool "mashup" ( defined in Wikipedia as "a digital media file containing any or all of text, graphics, audio, video and animation drawn from pre-existing sources, to create a new derivative work") of my article on Ben Bernanke's embarrassing prognostications... Read More...
28 July 2009
Ben Bernanke Was Wrong: Featured on
My piece Ben Bernanke Was Wrong is a Daily Article today on the Mises Institute web site. Here is the article and the comments page. I've fleshed out my commentary on the transcription to make it more of an actual article. I've also updated the article here on Summa Anthropica. One of the things... Read More...
22 July 2009
The Second Coming of Keynes: Featured on
My article "The Second Coming of Keynes" (originally posted here ) has been published today as a front-page Mises Daily. Here's the article and the comments page . Best. Image. Ever.... Read More...
07 July 2009
Krugman's Rearguard Apologists: Featured on
My article Krugman's Rearguard Apologists (originally posted here ), which follows up my Krugman's Intellectual Waterloo Mises Daily (also orginally posted here ) has been published today as a front-page Mises Daily. Please check it out and contribute to the comments . My sincere thanks again... Read More...
22 June 2009
Krugman's Intellectual Waterloo: Featured on
My piece Krugman's Intellectual Waterloo has been made today's Daily Article on . Check out the hilarious "Krugman-as-Napoleon" image they put together. My thanks to Jeffrey Tucker for selecting it, to BK Marcus for editing it, and to nirgrahamUK on the Mises boards and anyone... Read More...
06 June 2009
First Post
Dear Mises Community Members and Others, Through my blog Summa Anthropica , I will attempt to formulate, explicate, and apply my various theories, many of which are works in progress. I am working towards writing a treatise of man which, like this journal, will be called Summa Anthropica. My Plan I hope... Read More...
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