Getting too much blog comment spam?

Published Wed, Jan 9 2008 3:17 PM | David V

You have several options to control the amount of spam comments.

Require that all or some posts be approved:

Select "Global Settings", then "Advanced Post Settings"

Under the "Comment Moderation" setting, you can require that all, or anonymous users be approved before their comments show up.

Prevent comments on old posts:

Most spam is posted in old posts, so you can set the "Comment Day Limits" to prohibit comments on your old posts.

Under "Advanced Post Settings",  change the "Comment Day Limits" drop-down from "Always" to a number of days.

Adjust your spam scores:

 You can raise the threshold the spam filter uses to decide whether a comment a spam.  In your blogs dashboard, click on "Global Settings", "Spam, Ping and Cross-Posting."

Check "Use custom spam scores."  Now you can adjust the default settings above 5 and 10 for moderating and deleting new comments.  Be careful about the delete score because you won't know how many comments are being deleted.

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