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Healthcare Is This Country's Munich

“A Total Unmitigated Disaster for the Economy and for Freedom”

In a damning piece in The Freeman William L. Anderson explains why the healthcare plan will be our country’s Munich.

“There is nothing good to say about a new law that is going to raise taxes to confiscatory levels and will place a huge financial burden on people at a time when the government is actively going to war against American businesses. We are looking at totally politicized medical care in which every decision made by doctors and patients potentially can be nationalized and thrown into the maw of “public debate.”

“For all of the talk of cutting costs and saving money, this bill will do the opposite. It flies in the face of everything we know to be true in economic analysis, and it flies in the face of natural law itself.”

The implications of the proposed legislation go well beyond a deterioration in health care. We will be lucky to avoid a Great Depression if the government ceases all of its nonsense. Passage of the proposed healthcare plan guarantees it and condemns Americans to a standard of living much lower than most can imagine. Indeed, it will alter dramatically the concept of “the American way of life.”