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Must Reads: How This Ends

Must Reads: How This Ends

These three articles are must reading for anyone interested in the future of the economy.  No investor or citizen should be ignorant of the possibilities raised in these articles.

Ponzi Scheme by Puru Saxena
Editor, Money Matters

Let’s face it, the government-bond market in the West is a gigantic Ponzi scheme.  Most governments in the ‘developed’ world are drowning in debt, they are running mind-boggling budget deficits and printing money like there is no tomorrow.  Furthermore, under the guise of quantitative easing, their central banks are buying their own newly issued debt!

US debt will keep growing even with recovery by Tom Raum

For the U.S., the crushing weight of its debt threatens to overwhelm everything the federal government does, even in the short-term, best-case financial scenario — a full recovery and a return to prerecession employment levels.

Sovereign Default: Stuck Between Dire and Disastrous by John Mauldin

Our economic future is more and more a product of the political choices we make, and those are increasingly difficult. We have no good choices. We are left with choosing the best of bad options.