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Health care, racism, and opposing the President

It has become common for supporters of President Obama's plan to socialize medical care in this country to maintain that those of us who oppose such a measure are motivated, partly or wholly, by racism. Former President Jimmy Carter has signed onto this school of thought, as have the usual suspects such as the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Also climbing on board the “Let's Smear the Opposition” bus have been any number of Senators and Representatives, including Senate majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. This is playing the “race card” on a grand scale and for those who believe that the Federal government should no longer be bound by the Constitution it is a convenient charge to make.


Making the charge that one's opponents are motivated by racial hatred is particularly easy to make in America right now, in spite of considerable evidence, such as the man who currently occupies the Oval Office, that racism is a shadow of what it used to be. Is it all gone, no, and more's the pity as the fact that it still exists gives the Democratic charges just that tinge of legitimacy that makes people think there might be something to it. What it also does is act to absolve the advocates of socialism of having to make real arguments in favor of their position that health care is a right and that those who support that school of thought have the right to use the coercive power of the State to enforce their desires. You see, making the charge of racism in America today has the effect of immediately changing the focus of the debate from the merits of each sides' arguments to one in which the opponents are forced to spend the majority of their time defending themselves from the despicable charge.


This is one of the results of the growth of the cult of political correctness in this country. Even though they may not agree with the philosophy that one must never say anything which might be offensive to someone else, most Americans have subconsciously adopted that mode of speech and argument. It is interesting to note that in this particular instance the first principle of politically correct speech - “Thou shalt not speak any offensive epithet lest thou should injure thine opponent's self-esteem” - does not apply when making the charge of racism. Yes, it's permissible for the left to level such a charge at those whom they have discovered are not willing to simply allow the juggernaut of an ever-larger Federal government to roll over them unchecked. It is not, however, permissible to point out that in making such a charge, one which I and I dare say most Americans feel is outrageous, the backers of the Obama regime are themselves acting in racist manner. But, that's rather beside the point – it merely illustrates how, by making this unfounded indictment, the supporters of President Obama are able to deflect the debate from the true point at issue – that the President's plan to “reform” health care is nothing less than a plan to socialize the health care system by slowly driving out any remnants of the free market in this sector of the economy.


Making the charge of racism simply demonstrates the emptiness of the case for supporting the President's proposals. As time goes on more details of the President's proposals have emerged and it becomes obvious why President Obama tried to keep them murky early on. The simple fact is that the proposed changes cannot be paid for without both drastically curtailing the services provided by Medicare, particularly those for the elderly, and increasing the taxes that most Americans will pay. Unless the Obama regime is willing to curtail spending on other social programs and so-called “entitlements” the money is not there. This nation faces deficits from now until forever because none of our so-called “leaders” in Washington has had the political will to call a halt to the continual expansion of spending on social programs – programs which, by and large, lack any constitutional support. Our nation is bankrupt, or would be if anyone dared to actually face the facts of the matter. Yet the President insists that we stick our heads further into the sand and allow him and his cronies to saddle the populace with still more taxes. The sad thing is that, if the level of Federal taxes were reduced, as they could be if Americans insisted the government live within the law, the vast majority of people could pay for their own health insurance. Bat that's another admission that those in power dare not make because they realize that to do so would be to call into doubt most of their actions over the last half century.


So we're stuck with the absurd situation in which the President and his supporters cannot make a reasonable case for the proposed changes, but they dare not admit that. So they lower themselves to the level of making ad hominem attacks on those who are pointing out the many fallacies of their position. By doing so they not only continue to add to the level of rancor, discord, and distrust that pervades American political discourse but they lessen the chances that anything good can come out of this discussion of the problems of our health care system; and a serious discussion badly needs to take place. However, calling their opponents names will not move the debate forward and it threatens to destroy what little decorum and rationality exists in what passes for political debate in America. Shame on them, and shame on those of us who oppose the President's plan for allowing ourselves to be distracted from the real matter at hand – will the United States make an irrevocable move into outright socialism or will we move the other way – back towards the freedoms that this country was founded upon?