Never run with the crowd. They're probably headed over a cliff.

The Conservative Conundrum

Interesting news this week with various outlets reporting that President Obama may not be able to function in a press conference without a teleprompter. It makes me wonder exactly how much information he’s being fed, and what he actually knows. Remember the disastrous Sarah Palin interview when she didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was? If she’d had a teleprompter with a savvy technophile on the other end she might have been able to fool us. Though Ms. Palin has great legs she wasn’t, and isn’t, ready to run the country. And despite Mr. Obama’s melodious voice I don’t think he’s ready either. I wonder who is actually running the country. Perhaps Joe Biden, Mr. Gravitas himself?


I was also a bit shocked this week when Mr. Obama signed the Omnibus Budget Bill behind closed doors. Or rather, his statement was surprising. He said it was a bad bill full of earmarks but that he was going to sign it anyway. Old business needed to keep the country running. The insinuation is that it is Mr. Bush’s old business even though it was a Democrat congress that drafted, crafted, and put the bill on his desk. He’s getting exactly what he wants and telling the country it’s a bad bill. Slick, but at least he’s being honest. It is a bad bill.


This is government at its worst. Bureaucracy run amok. Even the president is enacting legislation that he is admitting is bad. So why is he signing it? I sure wish I had someone else to vote for. But who?


The problem, for conservatives at any rate, is that there’s nowhere else to turn. Mr. Bush and his administration literally ran this country into the ground. What will crawl out of that smoking hole, if anything, no one can know. Sure there was some bad left-over, Clinton-era economic policy as regards lending, but the deregulation of the investment and banking industry let the wolves into the hen house like never before. And invading the wrong country sucked trillions from the national coffers. The combined effect along with a President who was seemingly uninterested in domestic affairs put us where we are today.


I had very high hopes in 1994. Conservatives, it seemed, were finally in control of the nation, swept to power on a wave of anti-liberal sentiment born of draconian gun control policies, nationalization of health care, and various social agendas (and other things) being crammed down everyone’s throat. But they quickly became comfortable in Washington and we soon learned they were no different than their predecessors. Newt Gingrich, Mr. Family-Values himself, was found to be having an affair even while he was leading the investigation into President Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinski. Limbaugh, the voice of conservatives, became a drug addict and, seemingly unable to have a stable long-term relationship, divorced one wife after another. The religious right became every bit as materialistic and hedonistic as their liberal counterparts with the sole exception that they didn’t practice homosexuality. At least not in the open.


The problem with the conservatives can be best illustrated by Wayne Parker’s third (failed) run for congress in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District in 2008. He ran against Bud Cramer in ’94 and lost by a few hundred votes – mostly due to the NRA’s last-minute backing of Cramer. He lost again in ’96 by a larger margin. And when he heard Bud Cramer wasn’t running in 2008 he decided to run again.


It was a perfect opportunity for him since the opposition was weak and we desperately need a conservative in office here in North Alabama. Knowing Wayne from his previous bids, and hopeful of a strong campaign, I volunteered my writing and analysis. What did Wayne do? He went out and got the same people who led him to failure twice before, said the same things he said the previous two times, and failed again. I don’t know if my help would have made a difference but at the very least it would have been a fresh perspective on things. I have little doubt that this happened all over the country. Yes, Wayne is a decent guy and probably would have made a good congressman, but he and the Republican Party made the same fatal mistakes they made before. They’re like a bunch of lemmings – straight over the cliff.


Mr. Obama, on the other hand, is a fresh face. He isn’t from a political dynasty or a wealthy family. He’s not from Washington. He’s been a liberal all his life. But the people who control the party saw his talent and let him in. That is what separates liberal parties from conservative parties and why they stay in control most of the time. They know that new blood is the life blood of any organization. This doesn’t absolve them of bureaucratic tendencies, they have them too, but it manifests itself in different ways.


Now more than ever, conservatives, specifically the Republican Party, need to recruit new blood. They need new talent. Because the people in power right now have abused the public trust to the point that they are, in the words of Howard Dean, laughable. I can’t criticize Mr. Obama and then extol the virtues of the Republicans because they have none. They are the 2-10 coach criticizing his 1-11 replacement. There is no one to vote for. No one the average citizen can identify with or trust. No one from humble origins. No one from ‘outside’ Washington. No one ‘there’ because they are wise, and charismatic, and passionate. No statesmen. You say that Sarah Palin is new blood? We all know why she got picked. Because she’s sexy. She’s not new blood, she’s hot blooded. She got picked for the worst reason of all – Madison Avenue advertising. That’s even worse than the reason they picked George the II.


I guess it isn’t surprising the country is such a mess. The people driving the bus are only there because their daddy drove the bus. And if things don’t change, drastically, and soon, the bus is going to go right over a cliff like a giant, yellow, mega-lemming.


-Futbol Guru,


No2statism said:

Well, this article is a good one; certainly better than any I could write.  I also blame it on the tyranny of the majority; people could have always written Ron Paul in or vote for the Constitution party.  I would've had I not been told that write-ins would result in the machine asking me to vote again, and then my 2nd choice (the Constitution party) was listed on the ballot as the "independent Green party" (whoever designed VA's ballot tricked me), so I had to wind up voting for Barr. A few things I should point out though:

I'd say the problem was Bush strenghtening (e.g., invading Iraq/accusing Hussein of being a threat and cracking down even further on drugs) or being passive (e.g., the CRA, 2nd Amendment violations) on Clinton's policies.

Clinton almost assuredly would've handled 9/11 with just as much force and deprivation of liberty and prosperity as Bush did, as Sen. Clinton  Clinton basically just lucked out.  The full effects of the CRA weren't seen until almost the end of his successor's presidency, while the 9/11/01 attacks occured at the beginning of Bush's presidency.

# March 12, 2009 9:10 PM

FutbolGuru said:

Thanks much for your comments. I agree with your assessments of Bush and Clinton, though Bush could have been said to "luck out" had he handled 9/11 and focused on Afghanistan.

And the tyrrany of the majority is nothing more than a mad rush of lemmings to the sea, urged on with almost maniacal enthusiasm by those who stand to gain something from their headlong plunge over the edge.

# March 13, 2009 10:02 AM

No2statism said:

Thanks for agreeing with my assessment of Bush and Clinton, FutbolGuru=] Bush shouldn't have gone to war in Afghanistan at all; he should've removed all  U.S. military bases from the Afghanistan area and the also all the other bases not on U.S. soil, so we'd have some security.  Unfortunately, Obama's going to revamp the war in Afghanistan, and get us further into debt, and make us even more insecure against attacks; even if he wants everyone to have good, his policies are definitely going to result in bad for every individual.

The only way we could be secure against the terrorism our policies have caused would be if the Federal Govt. quit conquesting the world.

# March 15, 2009 12:06 PM