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Iran: A Great Country

Well, at least it used to be.

There was once a land called Persia. The people who lived there were proud, intelligent, and strong. Their's was among the first of the truly great empires that arose on our planet. Indeed, much of the world's cultural heritage has roots in Persia.

As a nominally Christian nation, the United States has typically decried Persia as evil and uncouth. While Persia has never been from the Judeo-Christian heritage, such a characterization is nevertheless, patently false. No, Nebuchednezzar wasn't a Jew and didn't follow the Jewish god. But the land he ruled was a great empire with an advanced legal system, world class engineering, art, culture, and civic organization. It lasted far long than the United States will. Hammurabi himself - one of the earliest lawgivers of our species - was a king of Babylon and is considered the first king of the Persian Empire.

While it is beyond the scope of this blog entry to detail the history of Persia, it is one of the oldest continuous civilizations with evidence of organized habitation dating back to at least 7000 BC. Throughout the ancient world the name of Persia was respected for thousands of years. True, they were defeated by the Greeks, but this doesn't make them any less important and worthy of respect. No less evil than any nation that has ever engaged in imperialism, which includes nearly every successful nation at one time or another. I even seem to recall the United States invading a few countries and maybe not doing too well.

Through the Middle Ages the learning of the great western thinkers was preserved by Persian scholars who extended the work of Euclid, Archimedes, Socrates, Hippocratus, and others. In fact, the Renaissance would not have happened but for returning crusaders who brought with them the preserved works of the ancients.

So what happened? Because Iran is a piece of crap. The name of course means, "Land of the Aryans," in a nod to the Germans who felt the Aryans were superior to Jews. And Sharia certainly hasn't helped either. Since radical Islam entered Iran not a single good thing has happened there. They just continue to spiral down, down, and further down. Down to the point where they are gunning down women and children in the street. What a bunch of cowardly pansies. Shooting unarmed girls! It is the religious elite, of course, who use sacred texts to justify any act, no matter how heinous.

But Iran could become great again. The first thing they have to do is get rid of that name. Change the name back to Persia. Second, get rid of the mullahs. They are doing no one any good. Take them out and shoot them like the rabid dogs they are, grind them up and feed them to pigs. Then set up a true republic where all of the leaders are elected and the people who get elected actually win the election. Will it be perfect? NO. But it will be better than what they have now, with a ruling council whose members are accountable to no one. Only in this way can a once proud land and people regain a place of respect and honor among the nations of the Earth. Because as things stand, Iran makes North Korea look good.

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