Never run with the crowd. They're probably headed over a cliff.

Climate Change Part I: The Making of The Matrix.

I've been watching aghast the last few weeks as the climate change storm sweeps the planet. A few weeks ago we had the release of hundreds of emails detailing a systematic plan to silence and disrepute any scientific data or opinions contrary to the accepted view of anthropogenic climage change. Most chilling perhaps, those implicated in the emails say that their conspiracy has no bearing on the climate discussion. Remember the clergymen who threatened Galileo with death for saying the moon had mountains on it? They too said that evidence to the contrary had no bearing on the discussion. The scientists have become the Church.

At the same time, we have the climate summit in Copenhagen, or is it, Hopenhagen, with the world's leaders gathering to the strains of children singing about our need to save the world. Indeed, Danish PM Lars Loekke Rasmussen, as the conference opened, told delegates the world was looking to them to safeguard humanity. How many horrors have emerged from people trying to save us from ourselves can not be counted. Jim Jones and David Koresh were trying to save people from themselves too. But there was no one to save the followers from the leaders.

And today, the US Environmental Protection Agency declared greenhouse gasses as harmful to human health, opening the door for them to directly regulate emissions. Or, if you prefer, control the US economy through the backdoor as it were. Even though none of the greenhouse gasses are poisonous but have been in the environment as long as people have. It would be no different to say that sunlight was harmful to - oh yeah. They did say that.

Honestly I can find no words to describe the horror taking place before my eyes. Here, at the dawn of the 21st Century, we see the United States rushing headlong towards centralized economic planning - the same system that turned Eastern Europe into the biggest environmental disaster the world has ever seen. All predicated on science that can not be proven, for an effect that hasn't killed even a single person. Yes, you heard me right. Greenhouse gasses have never killed anyone and yet they've been declared hazardous to human health. I wonder how many people died as a result of the recent worldwide recession. I would guess hundreds of thousands due to reduced food supplies and medical care. Not because of a natural calamity, but because of greed by the world's financial leaders. And yet we are now seeking to regulate the very technologies that are responsible for saving and lengthening human life.

Look around the world. Where are people dying? In third world countries with poorly managed governments and centrally planned economies. People without access to health care. People without access to energy and transportation. It is in the industrialized nations, with access to these goods and services, where lifespans have increased and people with formerly life threatening conditions are being saved. And yet we want to regulate not only health care, but also energy and production, and say that these things don't save life, but end it. Truly 2+2 is no longer equal to 4! Truly "yes" has come to mean "no".

I admit, I don't understand what is going on. I happen to be a rocket scientist but I also studied climatology in a 'former life'. Now climatology is hard. Much harder than rocket science. No one understands it, not even the experts. If they say they do, it proves they don't. Sort of like a guy saying he understands women. And you can't simulate it on a computer (any more than you can simulate a woman.) You can't even initialize the simulation. To do so you'd have to know the state of the atmosphere at every point - an impossibility. And chaos theory tells us unequivocally that is does matter. That's why I went back to rocket science. There are no answers in climatology. Only questions and observations. Did you know it is not even possible to calculate the average temperature of the Earth? You'd have to know the temperature at every point on the earth and in the atmosphere and you can't. And I'm supposed to believe that Al Gore understands that? Or Barack Obama? They may be good politicians but something tells me they don't know what a differential equation is, much less a non-linear, partial DE with boundary conditions. (The mathematical tools used to model climate and weather.) How can you make a politician understand that mathematical non-linearities and sensitivity to initial conditions render climate simulations useless? Obviously you can't. But these same people understand the meaning of power. And they are going to get it even though global warming hasn't killed even one single person. Carbon dioxide hazardous? You'd have to remove all the air, and then you'd just suffocate. 

People, we are being duped. We are being lied to. We are being lied to. We are being driven over a cliff by those who would use us for their own ends. Remember the Matrix? That fictional world where machines used humans as bio-batteries? Well, it turns out it is going to be real. It's being set up right now. The only difference is that it isn't run by computers, it is run by the politicians and the wealthy. People who will use our energy to power a world that turns only for them. Luxury has always required labor. Somebody to hold the palm leaf and build the pyramids. All they have to do is make sure we don't wake up.

Futbol Guru,