Never run with the crowd. They're probably headed over a cliff.

Obama Pivots 360, Announces Change in Direction.

How would I sum up last night's State of the Union Speech? He talked about change but gave the same old speech. The problem with politicians is that they believe their own propaganda. The truth is, Mr. Obama and his party don't realize why they lost in Massachusets.  They still think it is because they didn't get their message across well enough. They think they'd become too distant from voters. In other words, the packaging was wrong. So this year we're going to get the same old nasty medicine but he's going to use even more honey. Last night Mr. Obama went back to basics. His basics.

Once again we had to listen to him talk about change. And as usual he didn't mention that change costs money. But just for the record, let's look at what he said in broad strokes: Jobs/stimulus. Healthcare. Cap and Trade. Healthcare. Change. Bipartisanship. And then he went on to chastise the Supreme Court for striking down Campaign Finance Laws and lecture the Republicans for opposing everything he does. Change? Bipartisanship? Pivot? Sounds more like a divot.That's the same old speech he's been giving for three years now. Tell you what change I'd like to see: a new speech!

Another thing I noticed that I haven't heard mentioned. And this is a refrain from his campaign. During the campaign he actually said, "America is the greatest nation on Earth and we need to change it!" He said the same thing last night as he spoke of American virtues. (Interestingly he did go on to talk about the effect of American virtures but never said what they were. Hmm?) So what I'd like to know is, if America is the greatest, why should we change it? It needs some fixing, absolutely. But change? If America is the greatest now, it is the greatest because of what already happened. Not what might happen. And what already happened, happened because of the principles he wants to change. That earthquake in Haiti, I think it was the Founding Fathers rolling over in their graves.

It comes down to this. There are two visions of America. Neither will ever be perfect but at least they are places to aim. In one, hard work, investment in self and those around you, combined with honest business decisions and personal responsibility, supported by a government that neither pushes nor hinders, results in forward progress for yourself and those around you. Like I said, it isn't perfect and there have and continue to be abuses, but in general this economic model creates growth through inspiration. Others see your success and try to emulate it, and since there is nothing blocking them, many succeed.

The other vision is very different. In the other vision, personal responsibility, good decisions, and hard work are useful but only marginally. Success is encouraged but in the end the focus of government is on those who haven't succeeded. And by taking resources from those who have been successful and giving them to those who are not, it is hoped that their boat will float. Like the previous vision, this vision is contagious too. Except in this case people see their neighbors getting free stuff and they want some too. But how long is it before these folks suck so much from the hard workers that the system fails? I'd say it happened some time in the '60s. So, based on when we became a welfare state it seemes to take about 25 years. One generation.

Change. You keep talking about change, Mr. Obama. In the end that must mean the policies you're advancing. What are those policies? Free Healthcare. Affirmative Action. Cap and Trade. Government stimulus. Your entire solution set is based on taking the fruits of hard work to feed those who have no understanding of, or appreciation for, the concept of personal responsibility. And you want the conservatives to stop blocking your every proposal?

Futbol Guru,