Never run with the crowd. They're probably headed over a cliff.

The Healthcare Bill: What It Really Means

Watching this particular piece of legislation work its way through congress has been one of the more robust episodes of lemming-watching that I've encountered in a while. On the left we hear about civil rights and hundreds of years of struggle. On the right we hear about the draconian takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy and how it will result in a police state in short order.

The reality is that despite salesmanship efforts to the contrary, healthcare bears no more resemblance to civil rights than a unicycle to a cane. Indeed, modern healthcare hasn't even existed for a hundred years so how could the struggle go back a hundred years. And while totalitarian societies do ration healthcare as a form of population control, there are many other features of a police state that the United States has yet to adopt. Yet.

Sadly, the reality of this health care bill on the lives of each of us will be minor. As far as distribution it really only affects the "32 million uninsured," amounting to around 8% of the population, who, for our efforts, will receive the healthcare equivalent of government housing. Hope you enjoy it. Though free, I expect it will do little to shut them up.

It also creates an entirely new class of criminal. People who were law-abiding citizens 'yesterday' will, with the swipe of Mr. Obama's pen, become criminals 'tomorrow'. Liberty is, among other things, the right to not carry health insurance and take that risk. Yes, another of our rights has just fallen into the dust bin. Though realistically, this number represents only a few million people. Guess we're going to need more jails.

Taxes will go up. How do you think it adds nothing to the deficit? New taxes. Not by much. But it's never by much. A little here, a little there. And mostly on the evil corporations and businesses that hire us. Or lay us off. I personally won't be stimulating the economy this year by buying a new car because taxes are due in a month. Or a new computer. Or going on vacation. And I'll be saving more than spending. A huge difference in my life? No, not really. Multiply it by twenty million and is it a huge difference in the economy? You decide.

Government is the real winner and I don't mean the Obamocrats. Half of the $940,000,000,000 price tag will go to pay for the implementation of all this new stuff. After all, someone has got to manage the 32,000,000 formerly uninsured people. And set up the new health care exchanges. And guard the new criminals. And the corporations. All this big-brother is going take thousands of employees, dozens of new buildings, new software, new computer systems. And a few new forms. In triplicate. Yeah, government and the paper industry did well with this one. The forests, not so much.

Hat's off to Mr. Obama and his 'Crats. You really outdid yourselves this time guys... people. Would have made one heck of a movie.