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May 2010 - Posts

Gulf Oil Spill: "Did You Plug the Hole Yet Daddy?"

This pretty much says it all. This simple phrase by President Obama's daughter does more to sum up his presidency than anything I could ever say, write, or even think. Supposedly one of his daughters - he didn't say which one - quizzes him every day after he finishes shaving, asking, "Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?" This is so insane I'd think it was some kind of lie out of the vast right-wing conspiracy but it isn't. It came from the vast left-wing conspiracy, better known these days as Obama's pie hole.

For starters, Obama has ZERO to do with plugging the hole. In fact, until this week he didn't even seem to know about it. Until his poll numbers dropped and he snapped, "Plug the damn hole!" to some reporters to try and make himself look cool. He was probably smoking when he said it. And now he's taking credit? The people plugging the hole are highly trained engineers, scientists, and technicians who are the best in the world at what they do. They are skilled at something besides lying and making crap up. Using remotely operated equipment designed and built by some of the smartest people in the world, they are on the cusp of performing the impossible. And for some reason, Obama's daughter think's her dad is the one responsible? Is this me or does this smack of megalomania? Sure she's just a little girl, but little kids are better at repeating what they hear than just about anybody on the planet. She has no clue what she's saying, she's just repeating what she's hearing around the Oval Bedroom.


BARACK: What? Lee DeWyze didn't win?

MICHELLE: No, silly. Those stupid oil drillers have gone and done it again.

BARACK: What a bunch of cracker morons. I guess I'll have to go down there and fix it.

KIDS: Daddy, you're our hero!

BARACK: Yes, I know. Now turn back to American Idol. I want to see who wins.

Doesn't this just speak to the man more effectively than anything else ever could? A man who takes credit for anything and everything good and passes the buck on anything and everything bad. Is he taking credit for laying the booms that contain the spill? Or for providing the food that the workers eat? Does his daughter think that? Or just that her daddy is working to plug the hole. Think about this. It is messed up! I suppose his daughter thinks he performs brain surgery too. And pilots the shuttle to a landing. They probably even think he's pulling the trigger in Iraq and Afghanistan. And there's no doubt they believe him responsible for this morning's blue sky. We've got a real kook on our hands here and if we don't stop him, the damage he does to our country is going to make the oil spill look like a beautification award.

His administration is even trying to blame the Deep Horizon disaster on the Bush administration. As if it were either's fault - which it isn't, just a terrible accident. And only today I heard that the number of attempted terrorist attacks against the United States is at an all time high. I suppose that's Bush's fault too.

This Obama is dangerous. Yeah, we've had bad presidents in the past but Obama's different. He's actively trying to dismantle 250 years of movement away from centralized control. It's the clostest thing to a personality cult we've ever had. And his acolytes, accustomed - indeed addicted - to an entitlement mentality, think he's entitled to do whatever he likes. His administration is like some kind of petty third-world dictator. Except this isn't the third world. And we don't want a dictator.

John Brewer,