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Toyota to Build New Vehicle Despite Flaws In Design
Toyota Motor Corporation has announced plans to move forward with a radical new automobile depite massive flaws in the design. While members of the motoring public are expressing outrage at this irresponsible decision Toyota has defended their decision...
Prius Unitended Acceleration Case Solved!
One of the most boggling cases of unintended Toyota acceleration has been solved, experts close to the case were saying today. The problem it seems was in fact due to extreme ignorance of today's mechanical devices. The driver of the car, calling...
Unintended Acceleration Is Not Toyota's Real Problem
The country is horrified. The world waits in suspense. When will the next Toyota suddenly speed to 94 miles per hour and kill the driver and her family? Stuck accelerator pedals? Plush floor mats? A faulty throttle body? Actually none of these are responsible...