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Pioneering African - South American 21st century trade standards

The following projects welcome your comprehensive international financing and support:

1) Enrolling Nigerian, Congolese, Canadian and world youth at the School of Cinema and Television of Caracas

2) Promoting exchanges and exhibits between Jordanian, Nigerian, Japanese, Venezuelan and world artists and galleries.

3) Encouraging student and faculty exchanges between the Indian, Nigerian, Venezuelan and global movie industries.

4) Incorporating Venezuelan-Nigerian chambers of commerce, both in Caracas and either Lagos or Abuja.

5) Increasing participation from major Venezuelan corporations into the Green Energy summit in Kenya 2010.

6) Supporting oil and gas negotiations between Nigerian and Venezuelan companies, by applying conflict resolution techniques.

7) Planning African and South American infrastructure and job creation within the tourism sector.

8) Lobbying to international air carriers to propose nonstop flights between Lagos to Caracas.

9) Lobbying to cargo freight vessel carriers to increase container transportation between Africa and South America.

Founded in 2009, Rivero & Cooper is pioneering massive synergy between Africa and South America as never experienced before during human history. 

Thank you for believing, investing and promoting Rivero & Cooper, Inc. !

Rubén Rivero, President

Harold Cooper, Vice-President

Caracas, November 29, 2009