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Liberty Lost?

Liberty Lost?


To What Extent Have the United States of America Become Collectivist To The Detriment of Individualism?


This dissertation charts the changes throughout history in the balance between collectivism and individualism in United States federal government policy.  It is argued that collectivism has become more prominent to the detriment of individual liberty, especially since the twentieth century.  Particular attention is paid to the relationship between collectivist policies and an inflationary monetary system. The issue of military conscription is also examined. The dissertation concludes that the trend towards collectivism, though alarming and harmful, is neither sustainable nor inevitable.


Here is a link to my BA Politics dissertation, described above.  It is just over 13 000 words long and gives an overview of US history, economics and military conscription from a right-of-centre libertarian viewpoint.  I argue that since 1900, perhaps 1860, collectivism has indeed been growing to the detriment of individualism, but that this trend cannot continue indefinitely.

I'd be grateful if any members can read all or part of it and tell me what they think :) !