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  • gold dust

    It is sometimes argued that gold is a crisis proof investment. One is then usually offer gold bullion, but what about gold dust ? Gold that has been mined, but wasn't processed further yet. Is it wise to purchase commodity gold or should one rather go for processed gold like gold bullion or gold...
    Posted to Torsten by Torsten on Fri, Sep 19 2008
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  • commodities

    I would be interested in more articles on commodities . If anyone can provide I would appreciate this. A distinction should be made between commodity futures and commodities traded as physical products of mines and factories.
    Posted to Torsten by Torsten on Wed, Sep 17 2008
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  • Rough diamonds - a means of storing value?

    Some say rough diamonds are storing the highest value on the smallest space, but could they function as currency? There is a debate about what currency to use. Most Austrians would favour a gold based money and oppose fiat money(money created on the books only). They argue that this will finally lead...
    Posted to Torsten by Torsten on Tue, Sep 16 2008
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  • The Commodity Correction

    I've been reading a lot of great pieces on whether or not the commodity bull market has come to an end. Here are links to some of my favorite writers: Peter Schiff (Bull) Jim Rogers (Bull) Gary North (Bear) Marc Faber (Bear) If I had to throw my hat in the ring, I'd side with Peter Schiff and...
    Posted to Love of Liberty by ChrisR on Sat, Aug 23 2008
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