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  • Rethinking the Auto Bailout

    I certainly agree with all who were against the bank bailout, as the banks work hand in hand with the Fed to create inflation and rob us of our money, but the auto industry is not in the same boat as the banking industry. In practice I am in favor of a Federal bailout of the American Auto industry though...
    Posted to Attackdonkey by Attackdonkey on Mon, Dec 15 2008
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  • A tenate of Liberty

    this is a response to one of my more moderate friends in a private message. I thought it to be worthy of general publication, so here is a short excerpt. One of the main tenants of my philosophy is that we do not have positive rights but only negative rights. Not the right to have food, medicine or shelter...
    Posted to Attackdonkey by Attackdonkey on Sun, Mar 23 2008
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