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  • The Return of Feudalism

    They say things come to you in the shower. That doesn’t usually happen with me. More often, during the act of climbing into bed. Then I have to get up and write the idea down, for experience has taught me if I don’t write it down, no matter how Earth-shattering the thought, it will be gone...
  • Re: Beware The Chartist

    Burt Blumert wrote an interesting article on LRC about chartists (or market-technicians). While I certainly understand Mr. Blumert's sentiment, I don't entirely agree with him. I think a major error that many chartists make is that they think they "know" what will happen next. When...
    Posted to Love of Liberty by ChrisR on Sat, Oct 4 2008
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  • Short Sellers & Liquidity

    Short sellers cover their positions by *buying*. Let's say that a stock falls in price. Those who shorted at higher prices provide buying pressure (i.e., liquidity) for those who are looking to sell right now. By removing short sellers from the picture, you are removing buying pressure when stocks...
    Posted to Love of Liberty by ChrisR on Mon, Sep 22 2008
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  • Can a soundbite really capture market action?

    Each day, the financial news channels tell us why the markets were up, or why they were down. But do they really know why ? Can it be summed up so nicely in a simple soundbite? Let's think about it for a second: Every day there are millions of different people making decisions based on their own...
    Posted to Love of Liberty by ChrisR on Wed, Sep 3 2008
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  • We're all Speculators

    Whenever the price of something moves in the opposite direction of what the establishment would like to see, you can count on 'speculators' taking the blame. After all, 'speculators' seem like such an easy target. The term refers to no one in particular. After all, who speaks for the...
    Posted to Love of Liberty by ChrisR on Tue, Aug 19 2008
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  • Tackling a Stock Market Myth

    Stock Prices Up = Good Stock Prices Down = Bad Is this correct? Anyone familiar with shorting knows that it's not correct. Some people make a very good living profiting off price declines. Try telling them that lower prices are bad. However, if you watch (or read) the financial news, you're constantly...
    Posted to Love of Liberty by ChrisR on Sat, Aug 9 2008
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