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March 2009 - Posts

Today my state's biggest newspaper, which isn't saying much, published my letter, linked below.  It is my first exposition, of which I hope there are more, of the modern war propagandists who clamor for massive public spending similar to World War II to "save us."

Read: Killing the Unemployed Would Solve the Problem.

Like many newspapers, the Register is a bastion of economic ignorance.  Thankfully today was a good day because it featured another letter exposing the 1920 depression and its swift recovery, something Tom Woods has been very good at pointing out in speaking recently.

Read: As in 1920, let people run their own lives.

I am currently revising a satirical column to submit to my alma mater's paper.  As Swift did, I am advocating the killing of innocents to solve an economic problem.  Unlike others, though, we don't take these ridiculous notions seriously.

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