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\ mī- ˈ ō-pē-ə\ — a lack of foresight or discernment; a narrow view of something The movie 'Blindness' is in theaters this weekend and I've always found it an interesting story, since it was first a novel. I'm not writing this post...

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When Words Disappear
It's always interesting to watch how a society's vernacular changes, to see new words added and old words subtracted. Additions bring the most fuss (see: text messaging). Subtractions often slip by the way side. The most striking example, today...

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A proper gander at the FairTax
A recent debate topic on Facebook's Politics poll was whether you supported Mike Huckabee's FairTax plan. The FairTax is a splendid example for examining language and economics. Let's not mince words: The FairTax is not fair. It is an ugly...

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Adjectival taxation
To begin my Austrian blog about language relating to Austrian economics, I will first touch on taxation. Specifically, how do people talk about taxes? First, people always ascribe an adjective to some sort of taxation. I state this because adjectives...

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