"He's a snake in the grass, I tell ya guys; he may look dumb but that's just a disguise; he's a mastermind in the ways of espionage." Charlie Daniels, "Uneasy Rider" Thanks, Dr. Reisman; or, How I Learned to Hate Enviros and Love Tantrums - TT's Lost in Tokyo

Thanks, Dr. Reisman; or, How I Learned to Hate Enviros and Love Tantrums

In my recent post, "Escape from Reason: are Austrians conservatives, or neocons, on the environment?", I noted two recent posts by George Reisman and Sean Corrigan and wondered whether a significant number of LvMI blog authors and commenters, on a host of "environmental" issues for which in Austrian (beginning prominently with Ludwig von Mises) and similarly-minded thinkers have many cogent insights, have begun to turn away from good faith discourse and productive rational thinking (and from the task of exploring and explicating to others how Austrian and libertarian principles apply to various resource problems), and towards the easier and more viscerally satisfying approach of making and appealing for partisan attacks on a strawman - the very poorly constructed strawmen that are "environmentalists".

Dr. Reisman has been calling for a jihad against man-hating enviros for the past two full years now on the LvMI main pages (http://blog.mises.org/archives/author/Reisman), and a chance glimpse of one such post happened to stir my own interest in exploring more deeply Austrian and libertarian insights on resource issues.  (While the encounters have been felicitous for me, let's say that the reception committee for squeaky wheels has been rather ... less than welcoming.) 

The post which prompted my musings this time ran with the screaming headline, "ENVIRONMENTALISM IS RECYCLED COMMUNISM AND NAZISM".  Dr. Reisman has since responded indirectly to certain comments via two more recent and longer posts that are distinguishable from the first not for their tight substantive arguments but for their even more glaring use of strawmen (the level of dispepsia remains about the same, despite abandoning all caps) - in chronological order, Word to Environmentalists and The Nature of Environmentalism.  My further comments are noted on the respective threads.

In these posts, Dr. Reisman profoundly disappoints - though fellow lovers of hatred find him bracing.  I keep wondering, when will our "giants" act like senior statesmen, and when will Austrians and their allies be brave enough to embrace on resource issues the reason they say they love so dearly? 

Or does reason simply require the surrender of logic and principle in favor of fevered enviro-bashing?

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