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Sources for e-Texts in social sciences and philosophy

We all know that offers many e-texts for free and even some audio is offered for those that prefer listening over reading. I would like to list any other sources for downloading literature on the internet as well.

So I start with some sources that I'm aware of:

Please add to this collection of links!

James Shikwati: Africa doesn't need Aid

 Economist James Shikwati makes a case against aid (from government to government) in Africa.

Abstract: "...I examine whether Africa needs development aid and the effect of this type of aid on development in Africa. My criticism against aid should be approached with a clear mind; I am not discussing humanitarian aid, dispensed during natural catastrophes that are beyond the human control. Humanitarian aid in this sense ought to be measurably provided. I also discuss two schools of thought that seek to tackle the African problems; the externalists and the internalists. Many arguments raised in my discussion are sourced from various sources indicated in the references. My conviction is that the African problem can best be solved by the African people....

Read the full essay:

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