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Discovering the Right of Self Ownership

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Kyle Posted: Fri, Sep 4 2009 2:16 AM

The battle for the natural right of self ownership is expanding. Republicans seem to be leaning towards more libertarian principles, and Democrats are, well, where the Republicans were in 2006 – stuck. This should seem to surprise many people, seeing how Republicans acted during the Bush administration. I speak in regards to the war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, the Medicare Prescription Drug Act, Afghanistan, doubling the size of the government, and to cover all of them would really be an essay in itself. The Republican Party didn’t say a peep about these tyrannical acts. But to the carefully trained eye you can now see through the smog of their new lies. It is just another attempt at a future power-grab. My journey in declaring my right to self ownership started in 2005. I was 19 years old, planning to vote in the 2006 election, and thinking I was doing a great thing for the country and freedom.

I was a pretty simple Democrat with strong libertarian leanings. I didn’t like the drug war, being involved in the United Nations, I was a strong believer of gun rights, and believed the government should get out of education. But the main thing that turned me on to the Democrats was their criticism of George Bush. Now, don’t get me wrong, I truly think Republicans believed they were acting in good faith during the 2000 election. But, c’mon, they could not still believe that in 2004. But the sad fact is that I believed I was doing a good thing in 2006 by voting for the Democrats. I realize that everybody makes mistakes, but what a huge mistake I made. By participating in the ritualistic voting process, I can now be held responsible for the problems caused by the latest regime.

This mistake could have been prevented. I could have turned off the TV. But I was first being introduced into politics and I couldn’t stop watching the soap-opera that Washington DC truly is. I was being indoctrinated by the master of hypocrisy Keith Olberman, freedom hating Chris Mathews, and one time (?) CIA operative Anderson Cooper. I must admit that besides these leftists, my favorites were MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson and Pat Buchanan. Still I was a Democrat. I knew Republicans were evil. I knew the Democrats were pretty bad. But dang were they acting tough! This was their year. I signed up for the newsletter of leftist organization MoveOn.Org. I quickly realized that after the election, the Democrats were full of you know what, just lying to get into office and start the plundering themselves. Impeach Bush? The Democrats failed when they passed the first budget. I unsubscribed.

At this point, I knew the were Republicans horrible. I knew the Democrats were equally awful, and I then believed that there was no way out of the box. But then it came to me. Being delivered like a ray of light. Dennis Kucinich! He was making an appearance in my town soon. When the day came, I packed my stuff and headed to hear the speech to a packed crowd at the local public library. Holding a Constitution? Now this is my kind of guy, I thought. How little did I know after a quick Google search.

This Constitution thing, I wonder what it all means. I pondered the question and took to the net. I came across an article about Kucinich and the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Well, this guy is out. I was a strong believer in the right to bear arms. I wonder if I will just leave politics now. I wondered if there was nothing I could do. I then took note of the homepage. I saw that they had a radio show hosted by some guy named Alex Jones. I had heard him in the past through his movies, but I really didn’t pay much attention at the time. He was having an obscure Congressman on from Texas; a guy by the name of Ron Paul. He was talking about his run for presidency! A new hope arose.

I had to do some research. During this, I noticed something that I never noticed before. This guy really believes in something. I watched his videos on YouTube. He was a Republican exposing the Bush administration? I felt like I was being hit with a ton of bricks. I was going batty on the internet. I couldn’t stop watching this guy talk. I soon checked for any writings by the good doctor. I then came across two little websites, and Whoa! Now this is what I have been looking for my whole entire life.

I was a few months in. I was getting involved in my Ron Paul MeetUp group. Though I feel I didn’t do enough, I now realize that at least I did something. I gave all my close friends bumper stickers. Some were scared to put them on. I spread the message of tax-free tips at my work. I dispersed DVDs and information through the list’s provided by the local Republican Headquarters. These most of the people I tried to convince didn’t see the problem in taxes –heck, neither did I a year before I knew the meaning of Liberty! I was discovering the grassroots movement, listening to Lew Rockwell podcasts, reading Mises.Org articles. In addition to names like Ron Paul, I was being introduced to names like Lew Rockwell, Walter Block, Hans Hoppe, Peter Schiff, Thomas DiLorenzo, Thomas Woods, Robert Higgs, and most importantly, Ludwig von Mises and Murray Rothbard. The ideas these men proposed would help me evolve the libertarian leanings that I had always held. They also wrote of possibilities that I had never dreamt of. They would be my guiding light in my destination for human liberty.

I soon bought a fistful of books from the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. But before I did this, I told my closest friends that I was going to buy some books from the institute. We came up with nearly $200 for books that would soon change our lives forever. The essays in The Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle would help evolve my economic literacy while still holding true to strict libertarian principles. The Essays in Egalitarianism is a Revolt Against Nature would change the ways I viewed the government’s handling of practically everything they do. Frederiac Bastiat’s The Law would show me how the government is the true violator of the Law. John Denson’s massive Reassessing the Presidency would give me a new lease on what the presidency actually means. I kept reading more and more. I now cannot stop.

I finally declared myself sovereign after a couple months of extensive reading of Rothbard. The Ethics of Liberty and Towards a New Liberty are now my all time favorite books. This man had it all (99%, Kinsella!), and he wrote so exquisitely. Finally, I thought, a real solution to our problems. I wondered why more people had not read him. Only then did I realize that 99% of people that I talked to were still stuck in the left-right paradigm. None had any reason to defend pure freedom because none had been exposed to it! I converted my closet friends easily during the Ron Paul campaign, but the battle for the hearts and minds towards true liberty is being waged much more tirelessly today. My journey was a fairly quick one. With the help I had on the internet I quickly realized that freedom can work. It has to work for the majority to obtain a sustainable living.

Granted that I still have to pay taxes if I want to keep my life, I still declare my right of self ownership now more than ever. I advise everyone to. If it was not for self-ownership, how could an individual choose what kind of food to eat? How could he choose what profession he wanted to enter into? The war against the individual is at an all time high. The Obama administration is trying to stomp the flame of liberty out each day. But our numbers are growing. The freedom movement is gaining new personalities from the right and left every day. But for the maximum number of people to join the movement, we need folks to stop listening to the economic and statist fallacies that the mainstream media spills day in and day out. We have to believe freedom can work. Because it does work! We have to believe that the human being is a reasonable being. We have to understand that the only way towards liberty is not through the Republican or Democratic hold on government. It is not even through the United States Constitution! It is through the principled right to self-ownership. You have the right to your life and your property, not life and property of anybody else.


Thank you so much for reading! I would love comments and/or suggestions!

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