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A Myth that Must be Destroyed

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Agami replied on Thu, Dec 31 2009 9:29 PM

so i may have a competing legal system which i can implement?  how about a system where i think all blonde people must die, or that all Canadians may be robbed?

It is possible that this would happen, but is it likely? In an anarchist society, anti-Canadians would have to carry the cost of their decrees rather than transfer it to taxpayers, making it a less appealing option. Second, they would need enough resources to counter the increased security Canadians would likely procure themselves- since Canadians likely value their property more than anti-Canadians value robbing them, this would be nearly impossible.

It's not as if these kinds of things don't happen all the time under states. The rule of law is illusory, an ideal that can never be achieved.

And they call us utopian.

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Not all profit is obtainment of currency.  If I go hunting and catch game, I profited from that.  If I hang out with my friends and have a good time, that's profit.  People just have a narrow definition of profit.

Periodically the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.

Thomas Jefferson

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The general error here, I find, is that when people hear anything regarding "profits", "incentives", "self-interest", or even anything regarding individualism is that they only associate these things with material gains. It is important to stress the immaterial benefits that humanity values, and how fulfilling the need for love is just as beneficial, and indeed, "profitable" (it just has a nasty connotation) as any business activity.


"Even relationships of friendship and love, religious fellowships, and the like, consist obviously of actions or inactions of other persons that are beneficial to us." -Carl Menger, Principle of Economics

My personal Anarcho-Capitalist flag. The symbol in the center stands for "harmony" and "protection"-- I'm hoping to illustrate the bond between order/justice and anarchy.

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