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Demand an answer from Lew Rockwell

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That's all you have? That's the smoking gun? Really?

There are a bunch of other posts that go along those lines, but my disaggreement is basically along the lines of writing style.


It appears that you would have been weak-kneed during the Age of Revolution.

Very easy to say when your life is not on the line. If I were 14 in 1776, I would've probably joined the army purely because of an admiration for the aesthetics of violence. It's taken a large amount of ideological work and serendipity to progress past that for me. During times of financial and emotional distress, it's been tough for me to avoid that temptation. Those signing bonuses are substaintial. 

]The net result of thirty or forty centuries of intellectual and physical effort has been to deliver three hundred million people all round the globe into the hands of some thirty or so despots, mainly ignorant idiots, each controlled by three or four stupid scoundrels. So what can we think of mankind? And what can we expect to see in the future?

There's a difference between using honest language against violent despots and attacking writers with dumb and ineffectivead-homs. 

I'm done with this thread. 

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