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Re: Have conspiracy theorists been vindicated yet?

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onebornfree Posted: Thu, Oct 15 2009 5:43 PM | Locked



So I was wondering what you think since this is a classic liberal/libertarian/anarchist forum that is against the state gaining power and that kind of thing.  Do you feel that conspiracy theorists have been vindicated?  There could very well elites who want a new world order... there could very well be elements of an illuminati like secret society which conspiracy theorists describe somewhere in Washington DC.  The elites do after all meet in Bohemian groove each year or so and perform satanic rituals.  So... II just was wondering what you think.  I think after all these years I think that conspiracy theorists have proven that they have a fundamental grasp on the mechanisms that guide a corrupt big government.  There may big government conspiracy theorists out there but I don't think they're that common... but that's another discussion for later.  What do you think?

Statist Conspiracy Theorists Versus "Libertarian","Anarcho- Capitalist" Conspiracy Deniers - Very Little , If Any, Difference

[First of all, why do conspiracy theorists need "vindication" from anarcho-capitalists, or anyone else? Do "Austrians", "libertarians" etc. require vindication from "conspiracy theorists?]]

Statist Conspiracy Theorists

Yes, most conspiracy theorists are statists -at least the ones I run into, yes, they mostly do not understand that the very power groups they blame for the drive to "one world government" would have little or no power if the state did not exist, and yes, it is funny /sad, in a Monty Python kind of way, to hear them prattle on about matters that very few of them have very little actual deep knowledge of, such as Austrian economic theory, political philosophy, anarcho-capitalism etc.

Their specialty is their [sometimes vast] knowledge about one, possibly two or more particular conspiracy theories.

Nevertheless, they presume to know plenty about anarchist political philosophy,  Austrian economic theory , libertarianismetc. etc., when in reality compared to their knowledge about their closely studied conspiracy theory, usually, they do not -  but this lack of knowledge is rarely admitted and  in no way prevents them from spouting about what they [i.e "everybody"] knows about those subjects.

"Libertarian" and "Anarcho- Capitalist" Conspiracy Deniers

However, I can see no fundamental difference between the statist conspiracy theorist spouting off on economics, anarcho-capitalism, political theory etc., and the "libertarian" "anarcho-capitalist" who , although extremely well versed in those subjects,  after years of study and consideration of said subjects and their underlying fundamental premises [ i.e. Austrian praxeology etc. ] , nevertheless feels fully qualified to spout endlessly about [and conveniently dismiss] anti-government version conspiracy theories [e.g. JFK, 911 etc. etc.];  subjects , which compared to their knowledge and time invested in the study of economics ,anarchism, etc. etc., they almost invariably know next to nothing about.

But does their lack of any real knowledge about the actual events of, say, 911 , prevent them from spouting off about how any conspiracy theory that directly contradicts the governments conspiracy theory is  "a crock" ? In my dreams perhaps Stick out tongue

No different from the average conspiracy theorist yapping about politics, economics etc.  from their almost unfailing [left or right] statist perspective; "anarcho-capitalists",  "libertarians" etc.,  somehow feel fully justified in their almost automatic dismissals  of conspiracy theories that they  evidently have not studied in any serious manner whatsoever for any length of time  [unless you call reading the newspapers and watching CNN and a couple of pro-government videos on youtube with a pre-existing pro-government viewing mindset already firmly in place"serious study" Big Smile ] particularly when   compared to the amount of time they have put into their main subjects [economic philosophy, anarchism, praxeology, political philosophy etc. etc.].

"Libertarians" and "Anarcho- Capitalists"Defending The Government Story is Still Funnier

Earlier I alluded to "Monty Python" and statist conspiracy theorists, but  thinking about it, in all honesty I have to hand it to you guys over those statist conspiracy theorists - for myself at least, there is nothing funnier [or sadder if I'm in the wrong mood] , than a bunch of self-proclaimed "anarcho- capitalists" and "libertarians" , falling over themselves in  defense of the governments story of 911[and often appearing to be foaming at the mouth while so doing],  without any knowledge of, let alone any serious attempt at  a non pre-biased [towards the government] consideration of ,  the vast mountains of facts and evidence from outside the government that refutes absolutely every part of its  fabrications.

That really "takes the cake",  I have to say. Keep up the good work/entertainment! Smile

P.S. and yes, 911 was a 100% guaranteed "inside job" - complete with fake "live" footage broadcast by the complicit [corporate/military owned] media complex, and that's from someone who, unlike, it would appear, anyone else on these boards, has invested nearly as much time [8 years] in their own private investigating/pondering/consideration of all  the actual events/facts about 911 as they surface, as they have spent investigating/pondering /considering the real life ramifications of human action theory on the fields of  economics, political philosophy, investment philosophy etc. etc.

P.P.S.Since I have now "raised my ugly head" in this thread, don't be surprised if it gets "disappeared" [ 3 down so far, the last one to go got canned yesterday- within minutes of my last post :       ], exactly as the previous one got canned , also coincidentally  within minutes of my last post to it, a week or so ago.

Seems that some admins do not like anything that directly contradicts the government 911 fantasy bedtime story - oh! the irony!Wink


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onebornfree replied on Sat, Oct 17 2009 11:08 PM | Locked


Page 2

I did not realize at the time I posted, but that link [above] does not specifically take you to the information I had in mind concerning media complicity in 9/11. Once there you need to click on the  page link to "September Clues Part 2" to view the  damning frame by frame analysis of the network footage. Enjoy!


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