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A history of statist terror

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Prateek Sanjay Posted: Sun, Nov 1 2009 5:51 AM

The following are all the well established and consensually agreed instances of a state conspiring against its own people.

- Japanese army bombed its own railway, blamed it on the Chinese, and used it as a justification to invade China

- Nazis faked attacks on their own citizens and industrial supply centers, blamed it on the Poles, and used it as a justification to invade Poland

- Nazis burnt Reichstag so as to give Hitler powers of state

- Israeli defense ministry, under Pinhas Lavon, planted explosives in US information agency offices in Egypt so as to blame radical Arab nationalists, but the bombers were caught prematurely, and they were sentenced to life imprisonment or death, being assumed to be independent saboteurs

- KGB conducted bombings in Russia to blame Chechnyans, a pretext for starting the war on Chechnya and bringing Putin to power

- Turkish government bombed its own offices so as to blame the PKK and start a crackdown on them

- CIA and Shah-ist intelligence groups bombed clergy residences and blamed it on pro-democracy revolutionaries

- NATO did bombings in Italy in the 1970s so as to blame communist revolutionaries

- Soviet Union did artillery bombardment on a Russian village near Finland, blamed it on Finland, attacked it four days later

Anybody know more?

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Sieben replied on Sun, Nov 1 2009 7:22 AM

You should post links to these so we can verify them for ourselves.

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Wait a second, I just made a post, why didn't it go in?

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The American Civil War...

Freedom of markets is positively correlated with the degree of evolution in any society...

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