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Should the US Government Create New Temporary Jobs with Borrowed money?

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Gerald Spencer posted on Mon, Feb 15 2010 6:02 PM

I think that President Obama plans to borrow more US dollars back from the Foreigners that earned the US dollars manufacturing US consumable products and then provide temporary jobs for unemployed US citizens to construct "Pork Barrel" projects, or rake leaves, or dig a hole today and then refill the same hole tomorrow, or play music in the park, or write poems, or perform in a play, or pave roads, or teach school, or plant trees, or clean up the environment, or paint pictures, or make sculptured statues, or conduct foreign wars, but not do anything to correct the Foreign Trade Deficit that is the structural foundation failure of the US economic system.

When these temporary jobs finish, the US citizens will again be employed, and the USA will be deeper in debt to individuals and governments in the Industialized Nations.

Real wealth and real monetary value is created and/or acquired ONLY when the members of a family (or a nation, tribe, city-state, etc.) plant, grow and/or harvest something of commercial value from the earth, extract something of commercial value from the earth, provide professional services (medical, legal, dental, engineering, architecture, accounting, land surveying, technology, etc.) to others outside of that family, and/or manufactures or constructs something of commercial value that is consumable (or permanently useful for income or rent) and then SELLS, LEASES OR RENTS these items and/or services to parties outside of their family, IN RETURN FOR A NET TRANSFER OF GOLD, CURRENCY OR COMMODITIES from other parties outside of their family into their own family. The members of that family can reflect their real wealth with the accumulation of grain, gold, cattle, jewels, land, buildings, commodities and/or other marketable products for reserve use in times of emergency and/or also to raise the standard of living for the members of that family. US government policies encouraged the US companies to cease making things for US consumption and export in order to generate national wealth, and instead to import these consumer items in exchange for titles to existing US wealth such as privately owned land, hotels, farms, businesses, casinos and other assets located in the USA that were created by previous generations of US citizens transferred to the foreign nations that elected to industrialize and generate wealth by making and exporting consumer items to the USA.

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