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History of Thought Topic

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Jeff posted on Wed, Mar 24 2010 3:49 PM

I have to write a paper for an History of Economic Thought class, and I am torn between writing about Say, and perhaps Mises' Socialism. 



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I would take the mainstream intelligencia of the early 20th century who thought socialism would be such a noble experiment and compare it with Mises' voice of reason. Talk about Mises' analysis of the price system and economic calculation.

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I think Mises would be good too. 

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Yes Mises' Socialism, using Hulsmann's bio (Last Knight of Liberalism) as a crucial reference.  See especially the chapter "A Copernican Shift".  Socialism and Econ. Calc. in the Soc. Commonwealth weren't just significant for demolishing socialism with economic calculation; they were significant for advancing economic calculation theory as such.

If you cover Say, you could use Rothbard's Classical Economics.

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