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Documentary on Recent Cairo Garbage Collection Crisis

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Anders Mikkelsen Posted: Mon, Apr 19 2010 2:54 PM

The Sundance Channel is airing Tuesday April 20th a documentary Cities On Speed - Cairo: Garbage about the colossal breakdown of garbage collection in Cairo, one of the biggest cities in the world. The documentary fails to answer some key questions, however it does document the failure of the mercantilist state to do something as basic as clean up the garbage. While the film never states this clearly, it appears that the government destroyed an old functioning private traditional system of garbage collection and recycling. The film beautifully documents the attempts by everyone to deal with and resolve the breakdown of order. Like any good drama, each character is allowed to speak and their perspective reveal as much about their mental framework, values, and social role as about the problem itself.

To see airtimes - It may be on demand as well. Cable companies like Time Warner Cable of NYC have a free HD on demand channel with a Sundance section. The other documentaries are also fascinating looks at city politics and governance.

For an extended discussion of Cairo: Garbage see my write up here -

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