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Why are Objectivists such monstrous people?

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Prateek Sanjay Posted: Wed, Aug 4 2010 9:52 AM | Locked

"Any innocent noncombatants killed in the process are not the targets of Israel's retaliation, and their blood is on the terrorists' hands." - Edwin A. Locke

"The Israelis and the Palestinians are not morally equal" - Yaron Brook

"The collectivized terrorists have declared their hatred of this culture and their wish to destroy it. They are all an enemy" - David Kelley.

"You don't like me pointing out that some Muslims are terrorists, specifically citing their religion as sanction for their actions? You don't think I should say that some, and not an amount as small as you think, are bent on world subjugation to Islam? What's that? I shouldn't upset them because that's what leads to the violence? Fuck you then." - Lance Davey

This cult of psychopaths has set the very Western world they admire back by a thousand years.

At least neoconservatives pretend good intentions.

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Conza88 replied on Wed, Aug 4 2010 10:04 AM | Locked

"At least neoconservatives pretend good intentions."

Neocons had too, because they've actually had power.

The same cannot be said for the "others".

"This cult of psychopaths has set the very Western world they admire back by a thousand years."

Lmao. No. What a bs claim. And how did they do that?

Go rant against the statists thanks, a group that actually has.

Ron Paul is for self-government when compared to the Constitution. He's an anarcho-capitalist. Proof.
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Prateek Sanjay replied on Wed, Aug 4 2010 10:34 AM | Locked

The Objectivist love of warfare and their persistent demands to see Iran nuked is not a statist notion? Really?

And that last statement you quoted was just hyperbole, and I just meant that between all their talk of how much they love advanced western civilization, their talks of wanting to see Palestinians killed indiscriminately is anything but behavior of people of advanced western civilization.

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krazy kaju replied on Wed, Aug 4 2010 10:40 AM | Locked

Many Objectivists are Austrians and vice versa.

The fact of the matter is that there is a plurality of views on various issues among Objectivists and posting a few unsourced quotes by a few Objectivists in favor of a particular policy does not automatically mean that all Objectivists hold the same views. Furthermore, stating that you'd like to see terrorists brought to justice isn't exactly a monstrous thing to say, though many here can agree that mosts Objectivists are misguided when it comes to functional foreign policy.

In any case, I'm closing this thread for being inflammatory and sectarian in nature.

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