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The Sunset of the State - A great video on the non-aggression principle

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FreedomainRadio Posted: Thu, Aug 5 2010 1:39 PM

HD video link...

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Saw it already, good stuff + I like the analogy with epicycles.

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DD5 replied on Thu, Aug 5 2010 2:04 PM

 It is good.  The only problem is that I believe many who are unfamiliar with NAP will conflate your message with pacifism, which may lead most of them to miss out on the entire point.

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Yes, great video with top notch production values. Perfect analogy. Although, similar to DD5's concern, I think the uninitiated may be kind of put off by the video. I suppose the purpose was to be kind of "shocking", but when telling people that no matter what they do, the State is going to shoot them if the misbehave, sounds sensational and overly-dramatic (even if it is ultimately true).

Keep up the good work, you've been pumping out a lot of content recently.

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Very good video, very good analogy. Its only failing is that theres no point in construction a map of the revolutions of the solar system if there is no center. The same is true of objective morality. However the message is still just as viable when one considers it from utility, and the analogy of the state still works.

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Orthogonal, I respectfully disagree: The first time I heard an ancap say "all tax is theft" and "only the maffia and the government uses violence when you don't do what they say" I was suprised and laughed it away but the doubt that is planned in your head stays there until it transforms in anti-statism. 

I agree more with DD5's remark that it would be nice to highlight that NAP does not mean "no violence" but "the right amount of violence". You could have easily done this by extending the school yard analogy.

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