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Obama, the founders and taxes

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BiPolarMoment Posted: Wed, Sep 29 2010 9:46 PM

A coworker recently brought up this editorial article, not really as a justification for a tax raise but rather a criticism of the seemingly double standard in quoting the "founding fathers' " intention as justification for the positions of the "right" or the "left".

I do tip-toe around my political stance around work but I did point out what seemed to me the following:
--The author assumes income (rather than saved "money") is considered within the definition of property as the word is used in the quotes presented
--The author equivocates "wealth" with "income"
--The author equivocates "property" and/or "wealth" as used in the context of the quotes with the income of present individuals... therefore it is in the interest of the founding fathers that we redistribute income (i.e. not present wealth) to those worse off.
--In order to be logically consistent, the author should be advocating the taxation of current assets and not just current income--also including "money" previously acquired-- for the needs of those worse off.
--Most importantly, the author assumes the appeal to authority (i.e. founding fathers) justifies doing anything at all.
I was not advocating that the 4th point should be executed, but it was used for example. I did nail home the last point, but are there any other talking points I missed that don't immediately alienate people of other political persuasions? Also take your opportunity to pick apart the article if you wish.
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