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Ideas on how to argue for abolition of retirement pensions?

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Andris Birkmanis Posted: Fri, Oct 1 2010 5:36 AM

When discussing evils of governments with people, one issue keeps popping up - "but the government provides for the old!".

While I have a lot of arguments, like the government's stolen from these old when they were young, preventing them from saving for themselves; or that in a freer economy people would have much more money to spend on charity, this usually sounds too feeble, resulting in people believing I am just a cruel person.

The question is: has anyone found a punchline, a very strong and quickly acting argument for banishing (mandatory) government-run pension plans?

PS: it is a separate issue how to implement the transition away from mandatory pension. Personally I believe in a gradual transition.

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And social security is a Ponzi Scheme 

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The wealthiest age demographic in society is the old.  They have more money and more free time than people who work.

"When you're young you worry about people stealing your ideas, when you're old you worry that they won't." - David Friedman
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