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ABCT and the Monetary System- Summary Slides

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Michael posted on Mon, Oct 4 2010 8:03 PM

Good Evening.

I posted a link to draft versions of the "Pocket Guide to ABCT" a few weeks back. Thanks to all of you who provided feedback especially Chloe732 and trulib.

Ive posted a final version of Business Cycles and Economic Fluctuations here:

I started work on a second slide on the "Fundamentals of the Monetary system". It is VERY much in DRAFT form but again, I would welcome this audiances comments on where to take it:

Best Regards!


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Thanks for the reference. But, as I mentioned in the other thread, your Pocket Guide to ABCT does not describe the time structure of production, the distortion of which is the essence of ABCT.  Also, the central bank still seems to be in the background in your presentation, rather than front and center. 

I know you're not asking for suggestions now, but I can't help but point this out. 

"The market is a process." - Ludwig von Mises, as related by Israel Kirzner.   "Capital formation is a beautiful thing" - Chloe732.

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