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Damn Free Markets

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AntiNeoFascist Posted: Thu, Mar 10 2011 4:02 PM

Once again, exploitative capitalism and free markets ravaging the consumers by making things too expensive for the average person:

Wait ... what?  

"But recently, KV Pharmaceutical of suburban St.Louis won government approval to exclusively sell the drug, known as Makena"

Ohhhhh.....  Nevermind. Move along. Nothing to see here. 

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Gero replied on Thu, Mar 10 2011 4:08 PM

The article did not condemn anyone. It seemed very just-the-facts.

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Well, certainly the fat cat capitalists at KV Pharmaceutical are ecstatic to charge these higher prices! More proof that capitalists hate human beings!

Bravo for reporter Mike Stobbe for the way he phrased the following: "The March of Dimes and many obstetricians supported that because it means quality will be more consistent and it will be easier to get. None of them anticipated the dramatic price hike, though"

"People kill each other for prophetic certainties, hardly for falsifiable hypotheses." - Peter Berger
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J.R.M. replied on Thu, Mar 10 2011 11:46 PM

Classic quote from the comments section:

Saying the Government gave them this right is ridiculous...

That's like saying patents and copyrights mean nothing.

The company is still nuts for charging this amount.

I guess patents and copyrights have nothing to do with government?

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