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Tagging documents: can you help please?

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jtucker Posted: Mon, May 5 2008 10:03 AM

We've implemented a great new feature on documents on On the right nav, there is now a list of related articles. This helps as a tool for study and draws readers ever deeper into content on the site. The whole machinery is driven by tags. David has been urging me to tag more documents but of course I didn't do a darn thing until the feature when live. When I looked at it, I realized that untagged documents don't display the new feature. Of course.

Well, on Friday, I flew into action and added 500+ tags on daily articles, which to my mind are the most important part of the site for regular readers. There are amazing pieces here -- an incredible archive of super high quality pieces. But there are still hundreds of them that are untagged and thereby completely invisible to readers who are using the related widget.

We could really really really use your help here. I find the whole process super fun. You only need to browse dailys and add them. It's really a blast actually, because your tags end up completely controlling what others read and see. Instant market power! Try to make the tags as specific to the content as you can so that they are useful to people.

Anyway, can you please help? I'm really just asking for reader assistance here. As a member of the Mises Community you have the power to do this, whereas people who are just passing through do not. If you need incentive, how about this: try to beat my record! ha!




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