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Why does LRC defend/praise depraved “heroes”? Are there any better sites?

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Ricky James Moore II replied on Sun, Apr 10 2011 1:05 AM | Locked

Case and point, the siding of many writers with creationism...

This is an excellent point because not only do they look like goofballs when they do this they are missing an opportunity. The fact is that although the left-wing Humanists push evolution for ideological reasons it is clear that they also ignore evolution when it is ideologically inconvenient. Stephen Jay Gould is as much as admitted it. They are so wedded to their tabula rasa/kulturkampf line that they will not even hear things like sociobiology, social signaling, human biodiversity, sexual psychodimorphism and so on. They will happily ignore science when it threatens their Cult of Equality.

Karen DeCoster's incessant obsession with the cup cake industry

OMG, that made me laugh SO hard.

Karen believes that all of these adults participating in so-called childlike behaviors are purely due to the state. If it isn't something she likes, she'll say it is an excess caused by the Federal Reserve. Surely, once we have abolished the state, Disneyland will be no more. Right.

Yes, and ironically she is just like the Left-Libertarians here.

I will be honest and say that I often enjoy the content on the site, and check it several times daily... But those little nuggets of wisdom from Gary North, David Kramer, Christopher Manion, and the fore mentioned DeCoster make me loathe to send these links to my friends.

In Gary North's defense he's not always nutty. He's very Jekyll and Hyde.

I will break in the doors of hell and smash the bolts; there will be confusion of people, those above with those from the lower depths. I shall bring up the dead to eat food like the living; and the hosts of dead will outnumber the living.
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liberty student replied on Sun, Apr 10 2011 1:37 AM | Locked

Okay, I'll say "subjectively fair" next time.

Here is another idea.  Next time, instead of commenting on the efforts of others, maybe you could show everyone how it is done, and put some of your own effort in.

People who laugh at, or obsess about the actions of other people, are desperately seeking a self esteem which does not exist.

"When you're young you worry about people stealing your ideas, when you're old you worry that they won't." - David Friedman
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Telpeurion replied on Sun, Apr 10 2011 6:59 AM | Locked

Nice one, Freud. Still, I cannot think of the purpose for a forum if not to offer commentary and discussion. Don't people come here to read what others think? I'd also like to know what is with the multiple attempts you have undertaken to scare me and others into a metaphorical hole by taking advantage of our lack of having a grandiose list of lifetime accomplishments on hand to show you. Forgive my impudent lack of foresight. If you'd like to see my internet activity for the past 10 years, you can google my username, I'm the only one with it. Need a resume too? I didn't know that there was a educational or occupational requirement for membership here when I was solicited to join. Now, I'm going to pull a cheap one and mirror your question back at you. It seems most appropriate that you, almighty Liberty Student, should provide your credentials in good faith so that the lesser among us may go out with a bow.

As an aside, I've always loved how you have Moderator labeled on you not once, but twice. To further drive home the point, your Administrator label tops it off quite nicely.  Quite the man, if I may say so.

This is apparently a Man Talk Forum:  No Women Allowed!

Telpeurion's Disliked Person of the Week: David Kramer

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Daniel James Sanchez replied on Sun, Apr 10 2011 7:08 AM | Locked

This one's getting too personal too.  Locked.

"the obligation to justice is founded entirely on the interests of society, which require mutual abstinence from property" -David Hume
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