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May 5th?

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dbill27 posted on Sun, May 1 2011 10:31 AM

Not an economic question but i figured I would get more traffic this way. There will be money bomb for Ron Paul on  May 5th, the day of the first debate. Go to to RSVP, the donations will go to


Here is the facebook page to RSVP at


Who  is donating?

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Suggested by No2statism

I'm going to donate.

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I will, and a whole lot more than last time. I have this pent up energy from losing last time that just wants to explode! The fact that other supporters feel the same is one of the best things going for us. Besides that there is: no grassroots excitement for any of the other candidates; no Democratic debates so more people will tune in; Republicans are way more war weary; Obama is running the wars so Republicans now feel it is OK to criticize foreign policy; Stossel/Freedom Watch either having him on or giving the same freedom message; even Hannity is giving him way more respect and airtime than last time; Ron Paul was right about the things he warned about in the last election and can use that; last time his supporters were just learning about the freedom message but they have since had 4 years to study so now they can explain and debate more authoritatively and can start from the get-go. And even if he loses, Ron will just be growing the movement for Rand in 2016, who isn't as good but hopefully his dad will advise him.

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