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US On Alert After Bin Laden Death

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Brutus Posted: Mon, May 2 2011 8:47 PM

I really feel like I'm the only skeptical person of this whole thing.

In one week, Obama released his birth certificate and had bin Laden killed. Coincidental? Ok, that's regarding the campaign, so I get it. He gained a lot of ethos and made his accusers look bad.

Now regarding the part that scares me. The US is on alert due to bin Laden's death? What does this mean?

Just thinking abstractly for a bit, what can the statist and his administration push through now that bin Laden is dead and we're on high alert?

My problems with this whole situation are with the sequence of events.

1) Bin Laden is found, offered to come willingly and, after refusing, he was shot and killed.

2) DNA testing was taken of the body to ensure it was bin Laden, and after confirming it by comparing it to bin Laden's sister's DNA, it was confirmed it was him.

3) After shooting him dead, the focus immediately turns to respecting Islam by making sure he's buried within 24 hours. So instead of deliberating on which country might accept his body, they decide to anchor his body and bury him in the sea, sinking him to the bottom of it.

4) After all this takes place, only then do they notify the American public.

Now look at the situation. We have intel giving the location of bin Laden. Obama assigns a task force of SEALs to infiltrate his place and do their thing. The body is discarded, so we actually have no physical proof and never will, and there is thus far no video or pics verifying the death.

Am I alone in thinking this is really, really weird?


"Is life so dear or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?" -Patrick Henry

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Supposedly the US offered his body to Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia refused (this is according to Michael Scheuer on Freedom Watch today). The burial-at-sea was odd, especially considering the fact that Osama was from a religious sect which mandates annonymous burial and abhors hero-worship and idolization. The fact that pictures haven't been released yet is also odd. The timing isn't perfect; it would've worked far better for Obama had it been right before the election, not over a year before it. The fact that this military option was carried out almost flawlessly seems unlikely.

I definitely have questions about this whole incident, but I won't chalk it up to conspiracy yet.

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DD5 replied on Mon, May 2 2011 10:05 PM

No, this isn't weird.  It's how governments typically operate, especially in these type of affairs.  I wouldn't expect it any other way.  

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Walden replied on Mon, May 2 2011 10:51 PM

So what do you call someone who wants to see proof that he's dead? 'Deathers'?

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You're one step ahead of the game Walden ->


But no big deal, the people who'd paint a broad brush on anyone who questions authority would do it no matter what the issue was.


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xahrx replied on Tue, May 3 2011 7:23 AM

"Am I alone in thinking this is really, really weird?" - Brutus

No.  But what about the government doing something weird, pointless, or incompetent, is unusual?  You're talking about an institution that has rules and regulations concerning the proper naming and preparation of onion rings, and at the federal level.  If they had dressed him up in Victorian era clothing, renamed him Harold, and had him permanently ensconced in the whitehouse on top of a water cooler, I wouldn't have been surprised.

"I was just in the bathroom getting ready to leave the house, if you must know, and a sudden wave of admiration for the cotton swab came over me." - Anonymous
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