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Pop Sci Magazine takes on hoarding (in 1932)

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Chris K Posted: Tue, May 24 2011 2:06 PM

Blast from the past, Popular Science Magazine takes on the issue of hoarding with a little editorial story featuring two men debating the social good and intelligence of hoarders. As the story starts out, you think there will be a fair debate as one man clearly thinks hoarding is "unpatriotic" while the other does not. However, the article quickly deteriorates as both men end up agreeing that the hoarders are not at all wise - it then ends with an almost product-placement-like propaganda piece urging everyone to go out and buy baby bonds. Did the Fed place moles at various magazines in 1932? The article is a real hoot, if anything else, enjoy the ads next to the article as well:


Source note: I previously posted in the forum a linke to TBP which featured Federal Reserve propaganda posters; I then realized Rithotz found the posters at the New York Fed which led me to their site: and the above article. 


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