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Socialist: human society will "collapse" unless capitalism ends

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Freedom4Me73986 Posted: Fri, Jul 1 2011 6:08 PM


In its annual State of the World 2010 report, it warned any gains from government action on climate change could be wiped out by the cult of consumption and greed unless changes in our lifestyle were made.

Consumerism had become a "powerful driver" for increasing demand for resources and consequent production of waste, with governments, including the British, too readily wanting to promoted it as necessary for job creation and economic well-being.

More than £2.8 trillion of stimulus packages had been poured into economies to pull the world out of the global recession, it found, with only a small amount into green measures.

But the think tank warned that without a "wholesale transformation” of cultural patterns the world would not be able to "prevent the collapse of human civilisation”.



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The title is misleading.  It is a think-tank, not one person. And they don't advocate socialism or the end of capitalism.  Just a change in lifestyle and the end of consumerism.  Which is the over reliance on shopping and disposable goods.  I'm not sure exactly how they've come to their conclusions, since the article does not say.  Nor do they have much understanding of how the state, not just the market, effects the rate of growth and sense of entitlement.

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