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going off the gold standard

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choy posted on Tue, Jul 5 2011 7:10 AM

hi i'm trying to find a book that explains the process with the dates and events when the "American citizens"  could no longer redeem the dollar to gold. I know about the bretton woods, and the gold exchange standard but those were events that happened after the  "American citizens" could no longer redeem the dollar to gold. I wanna know the time when the dollar is no longer redeemable to gold, thank you!

 I read rothbards history of banking in the united states but he didn't really say anything about it, LOL

It's like the most important event in gold standard but they fail to explain it, its frustrating actually

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You're talking about the date where dollars were no longer redeemable for gold on the international scene?  That was 1971.  Not sure if the essays in Rothbard's History of Banking were written before or after that event.  He certainly does mention it in What Has Government Done to Our Money.  Might want to give that a read.

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You could check out Ron Paul's "Case for Gold" It was redited partly by Rothbard so it is much the same info in a slightly altered format also this essay by Edwin Vierra is crucial to the events you want.

and rothbard's history of money talks about the "suspension of specie payments" at every step when they happened.  Those are the events where people can no longer redeem their dollar notes for gold dollars.  A dollar is a certain weight of gold, silver,m copper, or nickel.

the 1971 events were about the international payment standard and that mostly (only) effected central bank (ostensibly) and government transactions.


hope those help!


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