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Bank Run Posted: Sun, May 25 2008 9:26 AM

id est:

     the search for knowledge

We are all; by being man, epistemilogical? (I'm not sure , and/or in botherance about edititing asterik in all; please forgive gramatarians)

So said all want the truth. I've discovered by experiance, that this case is not prevailing. Many folks will be proud of their 'willed ignorance', sadly so(if questioned).

I sometimes find it a more better end to stare at a wall. This does not make the end of staring at a wall wastefull, it is the means, or the situation, which demands of me by my own reconing whatever I will choose to act upon. Should it be the case: my employer demands other tasks of me, than clearly by staring at a wall I'm not living up to my contract. If should the circumstance provide that I may have leisure, perhaps I am only using a vice of optics to utilize my train of the search for knowledge. I beleive that what is the status quo effects the lay-man. Such a person knows what is accepted a priori, but does not begin to fathom why. Why is this sometimes the case? Well the individual involved is at stake. Y'see I tend to think evil has a tendency to wreck itself. My past tells me: if my ends and means were more adjudicated, I may or may not, been able to handle my percieved crisis with alms or not. Procrustris stretches me so much I feel give damned give upy: how 'bout y'all?

Shoot, I don't know what the damned. I feel like there is no place for rational utilitarianism, and know the weirdo's are going to jack me through slander. Does anyone else sometimes feel this way? I can't find a place for rationalism with folks other than literary criticism, and often I must proclaim, y'see this is literary criticism. Is there a ray of light or am I damned by providence. Well I'm of the light to think that providence is damned. The future tends to contradict soothsayers.

Well I must for myself stay on topic. The search for knowledge is... human action? We act always learning from our follies, and try by will to choose more desired ends over less? How so always, some folks really dig their status quo! Well, the struggle, so I think those of us still with it, is lookng for more knowledge; which we know is applied to our means, provides us a utility to acheive our ends through right means. What is always a right means? Is it always a must causal to the situation? Bad is bad. Using bad gets you bad. One must choose a good means, to get a good end? All ends sought through bad means are never realized. I think causality, is a part of all action. There was start that had a start, and an end that comes to a final end.

Oops! thank you for the patience of my bla blah blah, and I'm hoping for a reply to any start hopefully. Honesty and laziness is like arsenic, that's the hand dealt.

Disclaimer: the mistakes are whatever and blah blah blahing. Tear me down please.


Individualism Rocks

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