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What do you think of the new Mises Daily display?

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John James Posted: Fri, Jul 22 2011 6:50 PM


I'm actually surprised by the number of positive comments.  I really don't care for it.  It's always nice to have options, and there may be an instance or two when I might find that kind of list view more helpful, but I don't think it should be the default.  I find the album view much more visually appealing and easier to navigate.

What do you guys think?


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Marko replied on Fri, Jul 22 2011 6:53 PM

I think album view is superb and can not be beat.

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It displays all important information about the articles while being simple and elegant. I actually like it a lot.

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The album view looks nicer, but I can see the merit of the new organization.

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