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Professor Bob Carter talking about man made global warming

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Magnus Posted: Wed, May 28 2008 7:29 PM

I found this video on youtube. It's a interview from a TV-program from New Zeeland. The host (Alan Lee) is interviewing a professor Bob Carter and they're talking about man made global warming. The professor is a bit sceptical against the alarmists claims and lack of evidence.

Now I am no scientist myself and I honestly don't know to what extent man made global warming is real or not, it's frankly a little bit out of my expertise! But this video made me think, it seems to me that the enviromentalists have to many eggs in the same basket, if enough evidence from the right people is gathered against man made global warming it will ultimately discredit the UN and the enviromental movement to such extent that people will find it very hard too trust them ever again.

Isn't that what we secretely wish for? I know I am, and the science is so to speak of lesser importance :)


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Nice discussion, thanks for posting it up.


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