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Minimum Wage

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Anenome replied on Sun, Mar 4 2012 4:04 AM


The most fit organization will be one that doesn't exclusively use the money of governments.  I think minimum wage laws should be replaced with "minimum standard of living laws".  This allows corporations to move toward self-sufficient organization where government money-wages are not necessary.

But this also requires a country to stop trading with countries who do not uphold the same minimum standard of living law.

Unfortunately your proposal requires you to force companies and workers to do what they would not have chosen to do on their own as a product of free contract. I think you're a statist theorist without any qualms of using the coercive power of government to craft the perfect society you imagine, without realizing your plans are tyranny.

Autarchy: rule of the self by the self; the act of self ruling.
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There are various approaches to our current economic disaster which begin to move us in the right direction.  There is a flavor of statism in some of the approaches because change usually comes through atrition and we are already a Statist society.

But I also propose a grass roots solution of charity and volunteerism.  So all of the absoloutist in this crowd do have something they can begin to do: which is to generally volunteer their time to provide products without the government dollar.  The grassroots volunteerism solution is in no way based on force.

I am a problem solver.  So I try to base my theories in our practical reality.  The best thing we can do is take our unique experiences and attempt to learn from each other.  Otherwise - there is no point in the conversation at all.

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